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Negotiated procedures

EFCA carries out low value negotiated procedures between EUR 15,000.01 - EUR 60,000 with at least three candidates.

EFCA carries out middle value negotiated procedures between  EUR 60,000.01 - up to a threshold of EUR 143,000 with at least five candidates.

As from June 2023, EFCA advertises calls for tenders from EUR 15,001 to the threshold above on Funding & Tenders portal (F&T). Suppliers generally have at least two weeks to express their interest in a specific negotiated procedure. 

EFCA will consider all expressions of interest received and will then invite at least three candidates, for contracts with a value between EUR 15,000 and EUR 60,000, and at least five candidates for contracts with a value between EUR 60,000 and to the threshold above.

Suppliers interested in any of the above negotiated procedures can express their interest through the Funding & Tenders portal, see below the link to it.

Negotiated procedures