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EFCA Records Register

The list of records of EFCA current activities processing personal data follows:

DPR-01 Operational experts’ database 

DPR-06 Database users training platform 

DPR-03 Meetings organised by Unit Coast Guard and International Programmes (specific privacy statement)

DPR-07 List of contacts to support operational activities 

DPR-08 Management Members of the Administrative and Advisory Board (specific privacy statement)

DPR-09 Management of distribution list for journalists (specific privacy statement)

DPR-10 Management of lists of stakeholders (specific privacy statement)

DPR-11 External Management of lists of stakeholders 

DPR-12  Personal data related to health 

DPR-14 Procurement procedures and contract execution (specific privacy statement)

DPR-15 Union inspector list and ID cards

DPR-16 Closed Circuit Television system (specific privacy statement)

DPR-19 Recruitment procedure TA, CA, SNE (specific privacy statement)

DPR-21 Security access control system + visitors' registration 

DPR-22 List of vehicles and their owners that use the garage in EFCA building

DPR-23 Applications for outside activities; work after leaving EFCA  (specific privacy statement)

DPR-24 Time management

DPR-25 Production of business cards for EFCA staff

DPR-27 Processing of data related to pensions 

DPR-28 Handling of spontaneous applications 

DPR-29 Financial transactions

DPR-30 Reception and transmission of denouncements (specific privacy statement)

DPR-31 Requests for access to documents (specific privacy statement)

DPR-33 Registration Protocol Service of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (special I.D. card and NIF)

DPR-34 Registration of Vehicles under Special Series; Applications for VAT recovery 

DPR-35 Data on nationals working at EFCA – Info provided to Embassies and PermReps to the EU 

DPR-36 Earnings and tax exemption certificates for staff 

DPR-39 Personnel Files (Temporary and Contract staff, SNE) 

DPR-40 Production of EFCA information Medical cards and SERGAS affiliation 

DPR-41 Preparation and conduct of on-the-spot evaluation missions in third countries (specific privacy statement)

DPR-43 EFCA Joint Deployment Plans in International Waters (specific privacy statement)

DPR-44 Administrative inquiries and disciplinary proceedings (specific privacy statement)

DPR-45 Anti-harassment procedures (specific privacy statement)

DPR-48 Whistle-blowing procedure (specific privacy statement)

DPR-49 Creation and maintenance of ECAS account 

DPR-50 Conflict of interest 

DPR-52 Staff evaluation 

DPR-53 EFCA Smartphones

DPR-54 Generic ICT infrastructure

DPR-55 ICT log files

DPR-56 EFCA Web Proxy

DPR-58 Reimbursement of annual medical examination costs 

DPR-59 Data shared on FISHNET

DPR-60 Requests of Laissez-passer

DPR-62 RPAS (specific privacy statement)

DPR-64 Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Handling of positive cases (specific privacy statement)

DPR-63 EU-SIGN – EIDAS (pilot project)

DPR-66 IUU Survey (specific privacy statement)

DPR-68 EU Survey Training within the Mediterranean - Black Sea participants (specific privacy statement)

DPR-69 EU Survey cross-sector risk assessment activities (specific privacy statement)

DPR-71 Independent External Evaluation (specific privacy statement)

DPR-73 e-Fish Med Questionnaire (specific privacy statement)

DPR-74.4 Coast Guard Cooperation Handbook and Capacity Building Project (privacy statements: General and specific for Greening Award initiative)

DPR-76 Aerial Sightings (specific privacy statement)

DPR-77 e-Fish Med ( specific privacy statement)