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European Fisheries Control Agency

Other coordination

Black Sea

Assistance to Member States is enshrined in the EFCA’s founding regulation and one of the main pillars of the EFCA. Since 2012, the EFCA has been providing assistance to Bulgaria and Romania through an operational plan that foresees joint inspection and control activities of turbot fisheries in the Black Sea and the training of inspectors at the regional and national levels.

EFCA is promoting risk assessment tools in the Member States concerned including for the purposes of strategic planning of joint control actions and towards a longer-term priority risk management process.

EFCA is providing support to the Member States in the form of training involving the application of common training programmes as well as specialised, tailor-made training programmes on request, directed towards officials involved in fisheries control and inspection.

Finally, operational activities are continuing involving exchanges of Union inspectors to promote best practice and promotion of cooperation and information exchange within and between the two Member States.

The implementation of the regional decisions adopted at regional level by the general Fisheries Council for the mediterranean (GFCM) may require the implementation of a SCIP and JDP in this area.