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European Fisheries Control Agency

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The Administrative Board of the Community Fisheries Control Agency adopts an ambitious work programme for 2009


The CFCA has adopted its work programme and budget for 2009 as well as discussed its future multi annual strategic development plan and performance indicators. The work programme provides for the extension of the coordination of control to Western Waters and NEAFC RA; activities to be developed in the framework of the new regulation against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing and the development of capacities to render unique horizontal services for the harmonization of control rules under the Common Fisheries Policy. Moreover, Serge Beslier, with French nationality, has been elected new Chairman of the CFCA Administrative Board.

"With the decisions and guidelines adopted today, the Agency has received a new impetus to develop innovative and challenging actions and priorities," said Marcelo Vasconcelos, outgoing chairman of the Administrative Board. "With its establishment in Vigo and its two-year experience the CFCA is ready to deliver and encourages all Member States to cooperate to have genuine results''

In order to ensure a long-term strategic development of the Agency, the CFCA has not only adopted a work programme for 2009 but also discussed a future multiannual plan. It will help effectively organise the CFCA operations and will cover a five-year period with annual reviews. In addition, a set of adequate indicators will be developed in order to provide an instrument to evaluate the performance in achieving targets fixed each time with the ultimate goal of ensuring the full compliance of the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy.

The multiannual plan will focus on operational coordination of the deployment of pooled national means of control, inspection and surveillance in the areas and fisheries determined by the Commission and the Board; and on capacity building, to establish and maintain centres for operational cooperation between national services, the Commission and the CFCA in order to enhance the capacities available in the European Union for implementing the Common Fisheries Policy.


2009 Work Programme

"In 2009, the CFCA will take a step forward and have a more ambitious work programme towards a further harmonised and effective application of the control and inspection rules of the Common Fisheries Policy," said Harm Koster, Executive Director of the CFCA, "The coordination of control operations will continue and at the same time we will largely invest in the necessary services for enhancing the capacities for control at the Community level and achieving a level playing field" In terms of the coordination of control and inspection operations, the work programme caters for:

  • Maintaining the operational coordination in the regulated fisheries in the NAFO RA, the cod fisheries in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and adjacent areas as well as the bluefin tuna fisheries in the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic
  • Carrying out two new joint deployment plans for cod fisheries in West ern Waters and for regulated fisheries in the NEAFC RA
  • Preparing the fulfilment of the tasks attributed to the CFCA in the framework of the Council regulation to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing

Concerning the capacity building for further harmonization of EU control and inspection measures and methods, in 2009 the Agency will:

  • Create a Monitoring Centre for Assessment of control that will set performance indicators, validate methodologies and evaluate the effectiveness of the activities
  • Build a Data Monitoring Centre that will ensure the exchange and quality of data on fishing and inspection activities
  • Develop a Centre for Training and Development that will manage training programmes for inspectors through the organisation of workshops and seminars
  • Establish a FISHNET, as a web access point for all actors involved that will mean a joint working place
  • Organise a Centre for Pooled Capacities that will organise an up to date inventory for the national means available and handle the procurement


New Chairman

Serge Beslier has been elected Chairman of the Administrative Board after being appointed by the Commission for such a position, according to the CFCA founding regulation.

Beslier has devoted his entire professional life to the fisheries domain within both national and Community services and at the current situation is honorary director of the European Commission. Within the French administration, after different posts of responsibility on the coast he was Head of the office "Market organisation and relation with stakeholders" at the Ministry of the Sea. Pursuant to that, he held different responsibility positions at the European Commission and became acting director of the Direction ''External Policy and Markets'' in September 2007. He holds master degrees both in Law and Political Science with a complementary specialisation in the Maritime Affairs navy school.

"I am honoured to have been elected Chair of the Board of the CFCA at such a crucial time. Through its culture of cooperation, the Agency is ready now to execute its third work programme that will provide a real added value to the way the Community has dealt with control so far," said Serge Beslier, newly appointed Chairman of the Administrative Board.