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European Fisheries Control Agency

The CFCA and France cooperate in training of national fisheries inspectors


The CFCA and France (through its Direction des affaires maritimes and Direction des pêches maritimes et de l'aquaculture) will sign a memorandum of understanding on 24 September 2010 in Nantes (France) formalising their commitment to enter into mutual cooperation in view of the elaboration of a core curriculum for the training of national fisheries inspectors through the sharing of information and expertise.

The CFCA coordinates training of fishery inspectors in Member States and favours exchange of best practices. To this end it aims at setting up of cooperation with all Member States concerned. The agreement between the CFCA and France is the first of its kind. Uniform and effective application of the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy by Member States is at the heart of the CFCA mission. Indeed, it is of utmost importance that Member State's inspectors are trained in the same way and according to the same high quality standards.

The CFCA provides access to the French administration to its web based training collaboration platform promoting remote cooperation between Member State's control experts and trainers and facilitating the exchange of information and expertise between them. This tool offers the experts and trainers to work together on a daily basis whilst operating in the national administration. In this way the best European experts will be able to draft together the modules forming the common core curriculum for national fishery inspectors.