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European Fisheries Control Agency

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The Administrative Board of the Community Fisheries Control Agency adopts an ambitious work programme for 2009


The CFCA has adopted its work programme and budget for 2009 as well as discussed its future multi annual strategic development plan and performance indicators. The work programme provides for the extension of the coordination of control to Western Waters and NEAFC RA; activities to be developed in the framework of the new regulation against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing and the development of capacities to render unique horizontal services for the harmonization of control rules under the Common Fisheries Policy.

The Administrative Board will adopt the Work Programme and Budget for 2009


The Administrative Board will adopt the Work Programme and Budget for 2009 and will hold a debate about the multiannual strategy development of the Agency. A new chairman for the Administrative Board will be elected. Marcelo Vasconcelos, holding the chairmainship since the foundation of the Agency, will not continue any longer.


The 2009 Work Programme and budget 

Community Fisheries Control Agency sets up offices in Vigo


On 19 July the Community Fisheries Control Agency (CFCA) will formally take up residence in Vigo, Spain. Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Joe Borg, will inaugurate the new offices at a ceremony to be attended by Spanish Minister of Environment, Marine and Rural Affairs Elena Espinosa, President of the Galician Government Emilio Perez Touriño and many prominent personalities in the field of fisheries. The Community Fisheries Control Agency is a cornerstone of the EU's efforts to ensure sustainability in Europe's fisheries sector.

The Community Fisheries Control Agency (CFCA) has adopted five Joint Deployment Plans for the year 2009


With the adoption of five joint deployment plans for the year 2009, the CFCA has started executing the 2009 work programme. Three joint deployment plans (JDPs) will cover the same fisheries as in 2008, the regulated fisheries in the North Atlantic Fisheries Organisation RA and the cod fisheries in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and adjacent areas. In addition, two new JDPs will cover the cod fisheries in Western Waters and the regulated fisheries in waters beyond national fisheries jurisdiction in the North Eastern Atlantic (NEAFC).

7th Administrative Board meeting


7th Administrative Board meeting (13 March)

On 13 March the Administrative Board of the Community Fisheries Control Agency (CFCA) will hold its 7th meeting. Among the decisions to be taken are changes in the budget and the work programme to cater for the Joint Deployment Plan (JDP) for the recovery of blue fin tuna in the Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.

Member States cooperate on controls to save cod in the North Sea


Today, the Community Fisheries Control Agency (CFCA) adopted an operational plan for joint multi-national fishery controls in the North Sea and adjacent areas. This marks the start of an innovative and coordinated effort to combat over-fishing and save endangered cod stocks. This joint deployment plan for the North Sea will pool resources (inspectors, control vessels, aircraft, etc), from seven coastal Member States and use them to ensure more effective and uniform control of fishing activities.

CFCA launches joint fisheries control scheme with Baltic Sea states


EU Member States around the Baltic Sea are embarking on a period of intense co-operation in the area of fisheries control and inspection, co-ordinated by the Community Fisheries Control Agency (CFCA). The CFCA has developed a test joint inspection and surveillance scheme for the Baltic Sea cod stocks, with active participation of all eight Member States in the region, to fine-tune the mechanisms for Member State co-operation.