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EFCA IMS (former Marsurv Service)

The EFCA IMS (former Marsurv service) is an operational fisheries control coordination tool using the integrated maritime data environment (Imdate) developed by the EMSA. This EFCA-EMSA interagency cooperation project provides support to the EFCA and Member States’ JDP operations in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, North and Eastern Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic Sea waters. It includes a real-time maritime awareness operational picture fusing and correlating VMS, terrestrial automatic identification systems (AIS), satellite AIS, and long-range identification and tracking (LRIT) position reports together with visual sightings. The service provides a tool for behaviour analysis, risk assessment and classification of possible non-compliance targets to fisheries monitoring centres in Member States, and drives the fisheries monitoring activity assessment and follow-up performed by the EFCA.