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Interagency cooperation areas

The areas of interagency cooperation in support of coastguard activities between EFCA, EMSA and Frontex can be classified as follows:

Area 1 - Information sharing

Sharing of information available in ship reporting systems and other information systems hosted by or accessible to the Agencies.


Area 2 – Surveillance and communication services

Cooperation to use services based on state-of-the-art technology, including space-based and ground infrastructure and sensors mounted on any kind of platform.


Area 3 – Capacity building

Capacity building and training by drawing up guidelines and recommendations, establishing best practices, possible sharing of relevant tools as well as by providing training and exchange of staff.


Area 4 – Risk analysis

Risk Assessment by enhancing the exchange of information and cooperation on coast guard functions including by analysing operational challenges and emerging risks in the maritime domain.


Area 5 – Capacity sharing

“Sharing capacity” by planning and implementing multipurpose operations and by sharing assets and other capabilities, to the extent that these activities are coordinated by the Agencies and are agreed to by the competent authorities of the Member States concerned.


The specific activities and priorities can be consulted in the Annual Work Programme of EFCA.