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New Real-Time Closure (RTC) established by Sweden

Sweden has established a new Real-Time Closure (RTC) in their waters of The Skagerrak for the PRA juveniles :

For the period from the 29 of April 2022 to the 13 of may 2022 (See more Information).


The area is closed for fishery targeting northern prawns using demersal trawls with a mesh size of at least 35mm and a sorting grid with a minimum bar spacing of 19 mm. Fishing targeting northern prawns in the closed area is allowed when both of the following criteria are met;

- Vessels using a bottom trawl with a mesh size in the extension piece and codend of at least 35 mm, equipped with a sorting grid with a maximum bar spacing of 19 mm in the upper part of the grid and a minimum bar spacing of 9,5 mm in the lower part of the grid. Behind the lower part of the grid is an unblocked outlet to the seafloor. Mesh size of at least 35 mm applies posterior to the sorting grid.
- Vessels wishing to use that exemption shall notify their intention and gear use to the Fisheries Monitoring Centre of the coastal Member State before entering the closed area. The notification can be made via phone +46 771 10 15 00 or via email

RTC sweeden.png