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Administrative Board adopts Multiannual work programme 2017-2021 and Annual work programme for 2017

The Administrative Board of the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) held its 26th meeting and adopted its Multiannual work programme 2017-2021 and annual work programme 2017 that provides a comprehensive overview of the allocation of resources granted by the European Union Budget to the agency in accordance with its objectives and indicators.

The CFCA adopts its annual work programme and elects the Chairman of its Administrative Board

The CFCA has adopted its sixth work programme for 2012, the first one within the mandate of his new Executive Director and has elected a new Chairman. Moreover, the budget adopted in the meeting for 2012 is of €9,31million, subject to the definitive adoption of the EU Budget for 2012 by the Budgetary Authority in the coming weeks.

Election of Chairman

EFCA supports the training of national Fisheries Monitoring Centres’ operators from Guinea-Bissau organised by the Sub-Regional Fisheries Commission

From 8 to 10 March 2023, in the framework of the EU-funded programme PESCAO, EFCA supported the training of Fisheries Monitoring Centres operators organized by the Subregional Fisheries Commission (SRFC), a regional fisheries body based in Dakar (Senegal) that brings together 7 Western African countries[1] to enhance the sustainable management of fisheries resources in the area.


Agência Europeia de Controlo das Pescas em suporte da formação de operadores de centros de vigilância das pescas na Guiné-Bissau organizada pela Comissão Sub-Regional das Pescas (SRFC)

De 8 a 10 de março de 2023, no âmbito do programa da União Europeia PESCAO, a AECP providenciou suporte a uma ação de formação para os operadores de centros de vigilância das pescas (CVP) na Guiné-Bissau, organizada pela Comissão Sub-Regional das Pescas (CSRP), um organismo regional de pesca com sede em Dakar (Senegal), que agrupa 7 países[1] da África Ocidental para reforçar a gestão sustentável dos recursos haliêuticos.


EFCA supports the Western Africa fisheries control operation “PESCAO African Nemo” with satellite imagery analysis and aerial surveillance

Preliminary analysis of joint fisheries control operation “PESCAO African Nemo” in Cape Verde, Gambia and Senegal proves EFCA’s support successful and essential to enhance regional coordination and deter illegal fishing

L’AECP soutient l’opération de contrôle des pêches en Afrique de l’Ouest « PESCAO - African Nemo » par l’analyse d’images satellitaires et la surveillance aérienne

L’analyse préliminaire de l’opération conjointe de contrôle des pêches « PESCAO - African Nemo » au Cap-Vert, en Gambie et au Sénégal montre que le soutien de l’AECP est efficace et essentiel pour renforcer la coordination régionale et décourager la pêche illicite