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New Real-Time Closure (RTC) established by Belgium

Belgium has established a new Real-Time Closure (RTC) in the North Sea:

For the period from the 23 of April 2022 to the 14 of May 2022 (See more Information).


The area is closed for fishery except for the following gears:

(a) pelagic trawls, purse seines, driftnets and jiggers targeting herring,

mackerel, and horse mackerel;

(b) pots;

(c) scallop dredges; and

(d) gillnets

Survey 2017-2021 Five Year Independent External Evaluation

The company Ipsos has been commissioned to undertake a survey as part of the Independent External Evaluation of the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA), for the period 2017-2021.

The evaluation seeks to assess EFCA’s working practices, performance, and activities, as well as its impact on the achievement of compliance with the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The evaluation also explores the potential need to make changes to EFCA’s tasks, scope, structure, functions, and working practices. The survey will contribute to the evidence base for this evaluation.

EFCA Administrative Board adopts its Annual Report for 2021 and elects the Chairperson of its Administrative Board

During its meeting held in Vigo, hybrid for the first time, EFCA Administrative Board adopted the Annual Report reflecting all the activities undertaken by the EFCA during 2021, an outstanding year for EFCA due to increased resources and growing tasks.

Fabrizio Donatella, Director of Fisheries Policy Atlantic, North Sea, Baltic and Outermost Regions in the Directorate General for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs of the European Commission (EC), has been elected the new Chairman of the EFCA Administrative Board.

EFCA Five-Year Independent External Evaluation kicks off

A new 5-year independent external evaluation of the European Fisheries Control Agency for the years 2017-2021 commenced on 26 November.

The evaluation will be conducted in line with the Evaluation Mandate and its Terms of Reference.

The key to the success of this evaluation is ensuring comprehensive feedback from all stakeholders to the benefit of EFCA´s whole community, therefore we would appreciate your involvement if you are contacted by the external evaluator.