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European Fisheries Control Agency

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One minute of silence for the victims of the attacks in Paris.


As European Union agency, we express our solidarity with the families of the victims of the attack in Paris and with France. Today noon we will honour the victims with one minute of silence in our premises in Vigo and flag in half mast.

Agence de l’Union Européenne, nous témoignons notre solidarité aux familles des victimes des attaques à Paris et à la France. Nous rendons hommage aux victimes en observant une minute de silence dans notre bâtiment et en mettant le drapeau en berne.

Administrative Board adopts Multiannual work programme 2016-2020 and Annual work programme for 2016


The European Fisheries Control Agency held its Administrative Board meeting and adopted its Multiannual work programme 2016-2020. Ten years have passed since the founding regulation of the EFCA was adopted with the primary objective of organising operational coordination of fisheries control and inspection activities by the Member States and to assist them to cooperate so as to better comply with the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy, thus ensuring its effective and uniform application. Its main objective remains.

USA - EU Seminar on Fisheries Control


On 9 - 10 June in Vigo, on request of the EU Commission, the EFCA organised a two-day seminar in its headquarters in Vigo (Spain) where a delegation of USA (NOAA and USCG) and a delegation of the EU (EC - DG Mare and EFCA) informally brainstormed on the state of play of fisheries control, exchange of information and best practices, identification of initiatives of common interest and the promotion of cooperation in the international framework.

EFCA Administrative Board adopts its annual report for 2014 and endorses the results of the seminar on the Landing Obligation


During its meeting of 5 March 2015, the EFCA Administrative Board adopted the annual report for 2014, which comprised all the activities undertaken by the EFCA during the last year. The EFCA staff assisted the Member states and the European Commission in the preparation of the monitoring of the landing obligation including the rolling out of new data network systems as required by the Control Council Regulation, the making of additional modules of the Core Curricula for the training of fisheries inspectors and the synergies developed within t

EFCA seminar on the monitoring of the Landing Obligation in Vigo


The European Fisheries Control Agency organises a seminar on the monitoring of the landing obligation on 4 March with representatives of Member States and the European Commission.  The purpose of the meeting is to examine the state of play of the implementation of the landing obligation in the different regions and exchange views on its monitoring, to reflect on the added value of the concept of the joint deployment plan to the implementation of the landing obligation at a JDP and regional level and to discuss possible future actions of EFCA to assist the M

The EFCA adopts its Work Programme for 2015 and elects the Chairperson of its Administrative Board


The EFCA has adopted its Multiannual Work Programme for 2015-2019 and the Annual Work Programme at the meeting of the Administrative Board held on 17 of October 2014. Moreover, the budget adopted in the meeting for 2014 is of €9,2 mio., almost the same figure as last year’s budget, and subject to the adoption of the EU Budgetary Authority.