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  •  IUU Training for EU Member States

Throughout the year, the EFCA organises classroom and online training courses for officials from EU Member States’ administrations involved in the implementation of the EU Regulation against IUU fishing.

Through these EFCA training events, the principal objectives are to provide guidance on technical issues with regard to the checks and verification of EU IUU catch certificates, provide a platform for the exchange of experiences and the development of best practices, and establish a network of administrative cooperation and exchange of information among the Member States.

For more information see the EFCA training calendar (access restricted) on the EFCA e-Learning platform: http://training.efca.europa.eu/

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  • IUU Training for non-EU countries

At the request of the European Commission, the EFCA provides capacity-building assistance to non-EU countries in relation to the implementation of the EU-IUU Regulation and/or in the framework of sustainable fisheries partnership agreements, in particular in the areas of catch certificates validation, inspection methodologies, setting up of a fisheries monitoring centre (FMC), risk assessment procedures, and use of remote control technologies.