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Cooperation with regional bodies

The EFCA strategy to support regionalisation includes developing regional approaches and working closely with the regional bodies created by the Member States in order to promote in particular the uniform implementation of the Landing Obligation (LO) and also the adoption of decisions facilitating control in all the areas.

In this regard, EFCA cooperates through the PACT approach (Partnership, Accountability (compliance), Cooperation and Transparency) with all formally constituted regional bodies created by the Member States. The PACT approach allows assistance to the Member States in accordance with Articles 7 and 15 of EFCA’s founding regulation.

EFCA cooperates with four Control Expert Groups (CEGs) active in the framework of the regionalisation of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP):

  • Scheveningen (North Sea);
  • BALTFISH (Baltic Sea);
  • North-western waters;
  • South-western waters.

Support for these regional bodies, through cooperation with the CEGs, is framed around the following subjects:

  • Compliance evaluation in the context of the LO;
  • Preparation for the implementation of REM in fisheries control;
  • Standardisation and guidelines;
  • Cooperation with industry to promote compliance.

In addition to these main areas around which cooperation is organised, EFCA gives the CEGs support in their work of developing recommendations to the respective High Level Groups (HLG) on control and monitoring of the LO. EFCA also facilitates interregional cooperation by organising and chairing joint CEG meetings on horizontal issues in order to promote a uniform implementation and a level playing field across regions.

In relation to this regional cooperation work EFCA staff participate in the different fora where the LO is discussed (Advisory Councils, STECF (Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries), scientific organisms, research projects, etc.) and organises joint workshops between Member State regional groups and stakeholders.