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International Operations

EFCA supports the European Union in the international dimension of the CFP and the fight against illegal, unregulated and undeclared (IUU) activities. According to the CFP regulation, the agency will assist the EU to cooperate with non-member countries and international organisations dealing with fisheries, including regional fisheries management organisations (RFMOs), to strengthen operational coordination and compliance.

EFCA support in the International Dimension includes the following cooperative tools:

  • the implementation of operational coordination with non-member countries in specific areas/fisheries, which might include the deployment of EFCA chartered means;
  • organising seminars on operational coordination and/or capacity building involving RFMOs, regional arrangements, non-member countries and coastguard fora;
  • supporting the European Commission as requested in the evaluation missions to non-member countries;
  • supporting the European Commission in capacity-building missions in the framework of fisheries partnership agreements based on the Commission’s strategy;
  • assisting the Member States over a cooperation model to facilitate the enhancement of an IUU risk management strategy;
  • supporting the EU and/or Member States where possible in cooperation with other EU agencies implementing specific projects falling under the coastguard functions in non-member countries.

The work on the international activities of EFCA is divided into four main categories which can be found here:

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