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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises the Executive Director of the Agency and ensures close cooperation with stakeholders. The Advisory Board is composed of representatives of the Advisory Councils, on the basis of one representative designated by each Advisory Council. The meetings of the Advisory Board are chaired by the Executive Director.

A representative of the Advisory Board takes part in the deliberations of the Administrative Board meetings without the right to vote. The Advisory Board representative in the EFCA Administrative Board is appointed in accordance with the yearly rotation system agreed by its members.

The Advisory Councils are stakeholdered organisations composed of representatives from the industry and other groups of interest:

  • Aquaculture Advisory Council (AAC)

  • Baltic Sea Advisory Council (BSAC)

  • Black Sea Advisory Council (BlSAC)

  • Long Distance Advisory Council (LDAC)

  • Market Advisory Council (MAC)

  • Mediterranean Advisory Council (MEDAC)

  • North Sea Advisory Council (NSAC)

  • North Western Waters Advisory Council (NWWAC)

  • Outermost regions Advisory Council (ORAC)

  • Pelagic Advisory Council (PelAC)

  • South Western Waters Advisory Council (SWWAC)

The Advisory Councils are embedded in EFCA’s Communication strategy as key partners.  They provide the European Commission and EU countries with recommendations on fisheries management matters.

The EFCA participates in the relevant meetings of the executive committees and workings groups of the Advisory Councils when there are issues referring to EFCA competences in the agendas.