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EFCA procurement plan

If you are interested in participating in negotiated procedures mentioned below, please contact mentioning the title of the planned tender. The list will be updated regularly. Please follow also the published calls for tender on the EFCA website.

Find below the EFCA procurement plan for 2024 (once the tenders are launched they are announced in Funding & Tenders Portal, go through the links from open calls or negotiated procedure - pages):

1. Open calls above 143 000€:

First half of 2024: 
- Banking ServicesServices
-  Intermediary service for trainings. Lot 1: Language training. Lot 2: Specialist maritime training. Lot 3: Management trainingServices
- Interim services for EFCA and EU-OSHA (inter-agency tender, lead by EU-OSHA)Services
Second half of 2024:Services
- Legal services in the field of maritime and marine insurance law and law of the sea and aviation law Services


2. Low and middle value negotiated procedures below 143 000€:

First half 2024:  
- Subscription Services for EU-OSHA and EFCA (interagency tender, lead by EU-OSHA)Services
- Microsoft productsSupplies
Second half 2024:  
- Cleaning ServicesServices