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European Fisheries Control Agency

Reserve lists

After each selection procedure, successful candidates are informed about a placement on the reserve list for potential recruitment. The reserve lists of the following selection procedures are valid until 31 December 2021:

  • EFCA/TA/AD9/1601 – Accounting Officer
  • EFCA/TA/AD7/1605 - Project Manager Chartered Capacities
  • EFCA/TA/AD7/1607 - Administrator Programmes and Assistance
  • EFCA/TA/AD7/1608 - ICT Project Manager
  • EFCA/TA/AD10/1702 - Deputy Head of Unit Operations
  • EFCA/TA/AD10/1802 - Deputy Head of Unit EU Waters and North Atlantic
  • EFCA/TA/AST4/1803 - Coordinator of Control Operations
  • EFCA/CA/FGIV/1804 - Project Officer
  • EFCA/TA/AD7/1901 - Administrator Risk Assessment and Compliance Evaluation
  • EFCA/TA/AD8/2002 - Head of Sector ICT