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Number and Subject Estimated launch of invitation to tender Estimated Value Deadline for expression of interest Status
EFCA/2023/LVP/0016 Satellite communication services for EFCA 45 000 In preparation
EFCA/2023/LNP/0005 Provision of electricity for EFCA 25000 Closed
EFCA/2022/NP/08 Audit of EFCA annual accounts 30000 Closed
EFCA/2021/NP/09 Suministro de Material de Papeleria y Oficina 100 000 Closed
EFCA/2021/NP/03 Provision of services in the field of marine surveying 100 000 Closed
Provision of language courses for EFCA 125 000 Closed
EFCA/2019/NP/06 Internet services for EFCA 40 000 Closed
EFCA/2019/NP/04 Insurance brokerage services for EFCA: chartered vessel, building and other professional liability 100 000 Closed
EFCA/2019/NP/05 Subscription services for EFCA 30 000 Closed
EFCA/2019/NP/02 Supply of operational sea mission equipment 89 000 Closed
EFCA/2019/NP/03 Provision of STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) Basic Safety Training to EFCA staff 40 000 Closed
EFCA/2019/NP/01 Medical Services onboard EFCA’s chartered vessel 110 000 Closed
EFCA/2018/NP/03 Catering services for EFCA 50 000 Cancelled
EFCA/2018/NP/02 Legal services in the field of maritime law, marine insurance, law of the sea and aviation 74 000 Closed
EFCA/2018/NP/01 Installation and maintenance of a Dark Fibre Optic Link for EFCA 60 000 Closed
EFCA/2017/NP/14 Provision of services in the field of marine surveying 40 000 Closed
EFCA/2017/NP/13 Seaboarding equipment for EFCA 55 000 Closed
EFCA/2017/NP/11 Upgrade of EFCA security installations 67 000 Closed
EFCA/2017/NP/12 Heating, ventilation and air conditioning for EFCA 87 000 Cancelled
EFCA/2017/NP/09 Provision of legal services in the field of maritime law and public procurement 40 000 Closed
EFCA/2017/NP/03 Provision of language courses to EFCA 81 000 Closed
EFCA/2015/NP/06 Insurance brokering services €30 000 Closed
EFCA/2015/NP/05 Subscription services €40 000 Closed
EFCA/2015/NP/01 Fixed line telephony €23 000 Closed