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The Agency will celebrate its relocation to Vigo at its new premises

Community Fisheries Control Agency inaugurates its premises in Vigo on 19 of July

  • The Headquarters' Agreement between the Government of Spain and the Community Fisheries Control Agency will be signed and the doors of its provisional premises on the García Barbón Street in Vigo will be symbolically opened.
  • It will count with the participation of the Commissioner on Maritime and Fisheries Affairs, Joe Borg, the Minister of Environment and Marine and Rural Affairs, Elena Espinosa, the President of the Galician Government, Emilio Pérez Touriño and the Vice-president of the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament, Rosa Miguelez Ramos.

The Community Fisheries Control Agency will celebrate the launch event of its seat in Vigo next Saturday, 19th of July. It will gather representatives of the European institutions, the Spanish and Galician governments, members of the Administrative and Advisory Board of the Agency as well as chairmen of the Regional Advisory Councils (RACs). The Ambassadors of Member States in Spain have also been invited along with prominent personalities from the Fisheries domain.

The event will start with the signature of the Headquarters Agreement between the Government of Spain and the Community Fisheries Control Agency. Afterwards, the official opening of its provisional premises in the García Barbón Street will take place and, lastly, there will be an opening ceremony at the Centro Social Caixanova in Vigo. These events will be preceded by a press conference on Friday afternoon when the work of the Agency will be presented in more detail to the media.


Vigo, seat of the Agency

The decision of Spain (Vigo) as the seat of the Agency has been taken by the Heads of State and Government at a meeting of the European Council in December 2003, and has been reflected on the foundational regulation of the Agency. The Agency, still based in Brussels, started its operations by implementing its first annual work programme. With its consolidation, the Agency has been relocated to its seat, at Vigo.


About the Agency

The Community Fisheries Control Agency is an essential tool for the effective application of the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy, with a view to ensuring the sustainability of Europe's fisheries sector. Proposed in 2002 as part of the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, its main mission is to coordinate the activities of control and inspection of the Member States and the fight against illegal fishing.