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The Community Fisheries Control Agency (CFCA) has adopted five Joint Deployment Plans for the year 2009

With the adoption of five joint deployment plans for the year 2009, the CFCA has started executing the 2009 work programme. Three joint deployment plans (JDPs) will cover the same fisheries as in 2008, the regulated fisheries in the North Atlantic Fisheries Organisation RA and the cod fisheries in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and adjacent areas. In addition, two new JDPs will cover the cod fisheries in Western Waters and the regulated fisheries in waters beyond national fisheries jurisdiction in the North Eastern Atlantic (NEAFC).

"The pooling of resources and information as well as of expertise through these joint deployment plans is a great contribution towards a level playing field'' said Harm Koster, CFCA Executive Director.

The joint deployment plans are the vehicle through which the Agency organises operational coordination between Member States. Member States pool the national human and material means of control and inspection under the JDPs whilst the CFCA coordinates the deployment of these means. In Community waters, two criteria have to be met before the JDPs can be established. The fish stocks concerned must be subject to a long-term recovery plan or a multi-annual management plan. In addition, a specific control and enforcement plan, adopted by the Commission, must be in place. The Executive Director of the CFCA adopted these five joint deployment plans in close cooperation with the Member States concerned and the Commission. In the NAFO and NEAFC RA, the Commission has entrusted the Agency with the inspection activities, trough carrying out JDPs both at sea and at landing, which are delivering the international activities of the EU.

During 2008, four JDPs were established in the regulated fisheries in the NAFO RA, the cod fisheries in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and adjacent areas as well as the bluefin tuna fisheries in the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic. In total, 2787 inspections took place and 241 infringements were detected. In 2009, with a more ambitious work programme, besides the JDPs for these fisheries, two new JDPs have been adopted.

The five joint deployment plans adopted have brokered cooperation between 15 Member States working together in the different areas concerned. In particular, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.