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EFCA adopts its Work Programme for 2020 and multiannual strategic priorities with a renewed approach to cooperation

The European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) Administrative Board, in its 33th meeting held on 22 October in Vigo (Spain), has adopted the Single Programming Document (SPD) for 2020-2024, comprising of a complete overview of the resources allocated to the Agency in accordance with planned objectives, indicators and deliverables for the coming years. The budget for 2020 is of EUR 17.6 million, subject to the adoption of the European Union (EU) budgetary authority.

The Agency’s SPD aim at enhancing the close cooperation between EU Member States,  in the framework of the Monitoring, Control and Surveillance measures of the Common Fisheries Policy, which is a sine qua non condition for achieving a compliant, efficient and uniform implementation of the policy, guaranteeing the sustainability of the fisheries resources.

EFCA’s work will revolve around the following strategic areas: operational coordination, risk assessment and data analysis, compliance with international provisions capacity building and support to Coast Guard functions.

This cooperation strengthens EFCA capacity for assisting the EU in the international dimension of the CFP that encompasses the compliance to the international provision, the assistance to the implementation of the Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) Regulation and the direct cooperation with third countries as embodied by the technical and operational cooperation programme PESCAO.

‘’EFCA’s builds on its technical and operational expertise, to enhance a culture of compliance and collaboration and for achieving a level playing field in the EU contributing to ocean governance and sustainability in the most cost-efficient way," said Pascal Savouret, EFCA Executive Director.

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