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The patrol vessel 'Ocean Guardian', chartered by the European Fisheries Control Agency, opens its doors to the public in Vigo

During the afternoon of next Sunday, July 16, one of the three EFCA offshore patrol vessels (OPVs), the Ocean Guardian, will open its doors to receive the citizens of Vigo willing to visit it.

This action, organised with the collaboration of the European Commission Office in Spain, aims to raise awareness about the EU as part of the EU Spanish Presidency activities.

On Sunday 16 July 2023, between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., the Ocean Guardian will show to the public,  life on board and the activity of this OPV chartered by EFCA, the only European Union body located in Galicia.

The OPV is operational all year round as a fisheries patrol vessel to support Member States in the different EFCA´s joint deployment plans. The vessel is deployed in the scope of multipurpose operations in the framework of European cooperation on coast guard functions. The vessel, during its operations, is available for supporting other coast guard functions, inter alia, providing support during search and rescue situations, maritime surveillance and pollution response.

Its deployment enhances the EU capacity to improve the effectiveness of fisheries control operations in the EU and beyond.

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Summary of the technical data of the vessels

• It is a  Multi-Role Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRV) with overall length of 62 meters.

• It has a Dynamic Position System to better maintain their position and balance the environmental forces such as wind, waves and currents during the duty while reducing fuel consumption to a minimum.

• It is fully equipped with ergonomic and modern onboard facilities to ensure a comfortable stay and an enjoyable working environment during the patrols, including space for physical exercise and after work relax.