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European Fisheries Control Agency


Participation of the Agency in Vigo SeaFest festival 2018


This year, marking the first decade of EFCA in Vigo, the Agency was the sponsor of several workshops for children in the local summer festival Vigo SeaFest.

The aim was to contribute to raising awareness on sustainability among the future generations, so that they get to know the marine ecosystems and the need to protect our natural resources from a very early age.



EU agencies meet on future activities of the European Coast Guard


On 11-12 April 2018, the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) hosted the first European Annual Coast Guard event which took place in La Toja, Spain. It was co-organised by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), the European Fisheries Control Agency and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and brought together more than 120 participants from Member States’ national authorities responsible for the various coast guard functions, the three relevant EU Agencies as well as the European Commission.

Annual European Coast Guard Event, 11-12 April 2018


The Annual European Coast Guard Event is taking place in La Toja (Spain) on 11-12 April 2018. National authorities performing coast guard functions and other EU and international partners will be able to provide consultation and feedback on the Agencies’ cross-sectoral, cross-border cooperation activities. The event shall facilitate the identification of possible future cooperation activities relevant to the stakeholder communities of the three Agencies: the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, the European Fisheries Control Agency and the European Maritime Safety Agency.

Outcomes of the Administrative Board meeting in Vigo


During its meeting of 14 March 2018, the EFCA Administrative Board adopted the annual report reflecting all the activities undertaken by the EFCA during 2017, an outstanding year for EFCA due to increased resources and growing tasks.

EFCA achieved important results in promoting cooperation amongst Member States, assisting the European Commission and contributing to a strengthened European Union system of monitoring, control and surveillance, with a view to guaranteeing a level playing field and a culture of compliance in the most cost-efficient way.