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Taking stock of the two years of the EU project “RESUP Algeria”

EFCA has presented the roadmap for the next two years of the fisheries monitoring component of the Blue Economy Programme in a meeting on 13 may in Algiers. This roadmap has been developed taking stock of the activities carried out in the first two years of the project and presenting the planning for the remaining two.

EFCA presented the main results of the legal analysis of the Algerian legislative framework which will then make it possible to provide specific assistance in the drafting of new legal texts. Furthermore, EFCA worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Fisheries and Fisheries Production (MFFP), to identify the fleets and categories of fishing vessels to be equipped with VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) beacons which will be funded by the European Union (purchase and installation) in order to contribute to the protection and management of resources and the fight against illegal fishing. Also, the location which will host the future FMC (Fishing Monitoring Centre) has been identified. EFCA plans to support the Algerian authorities in the creation of this new service, particularly in terms of training and drafting governance documents and standards operational procedures (SOPS).

The blue economy is a concept that aims to promote economic growth, social inclusion, and the preservation or improvement of livelihoods while ensuring the environmental sustainability of oceans and coastal areas. The Blue Economy Programme, financed by the European Union in Algeria and implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Fisheries and Fisheries Production, covers the 14 coastal wilayas and has an execution period of 48 months. It is managed by Expertise France, in cooperation with EFCA as regards the part of the programme dedicated to the Strengthening Fisheries Surveillance.

The morning of work was dedicated to the Steering Committee of the Blue Economy Programme.. During the afternoon, EFCA chaired the meeting of the Technical Committee of the “RESUP Algeria” project in the presence of the EUD in Algiers and with the participation of representatives of several invited ministries, in particular the Ministry of fisheries and fishery production as the main beneficiary of the project. The National Programme Director, Expertise France, the National Coast Guard Service (SNGC), Algeria Telecom Service (ATS), the National Frequency Agency (ANF), General Directorate of Customs (DGD), and the Postal and Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority (ARPCE) also participated.



RESUP Algeria (Strengthening Fisheries Surveillance in Algeria)

The Blue Economy Programme is part of the implementation of the National Strategy for the Blue Economy in Algeria (SNEB 2030) and aims to promote intersectoral synergy for the development of economic activities linked to the sea and coasts. It has three main objectives: (i) support the creation of jobs, value, and new investment opportunities, (ii) improve the income and working conditions of artisanal fishermen, and (iii) strengthen operational capacities to monitoring, control and management of fishing.

The duration of the EFCA contract for the implementation of this project is 4 years (from 1 March 2022 to 28 February 2026). The actions are carried out in close cooperation with the Algerian authorities as beneficiary as well as with Expertise France as an implementation partner.

EFCA provides assistance to the Algerian authorities, in coordination with Expertise France, and implements activities falling under result R.3.3 of the Blue Economy Programme, in particular technical assistance and advice, for the benefit of three expected results:

• Result 1 (R1): The update of the legal framework, in compliance with international and regional standards (ICCAT/GFCM) in terms of fisheries control and surveillance, is prepared and drafted by the Algerian authorities, with the support of the EFCA;

• Result 2 (R2): The Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) intended to equip fishing vessels is made available to the Algerian authorities and the data are transmitted to the Algerian Fisheries Monitoring Centre (FMC);

• Result 3 (R3): The Algerian FMC is able to receive VMS/AIS surveillance data, and staff are trained in the analysis and cross-checking of data.



EFCA is an EU Agency that promotes the highest common standards of control, inspection, and surveillance under the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). EFCA was created to ensure the operational coordination of the activities of Member States and help them to cooperate in order to comply with the rules of the CFP and ensure their effective and uniform application. EFCA also supports non-EU countries through EU-funded capacity building projects.

The added value of the Agency's work lies in its contribution to sustainable fishing by strengthening compliance with regulatory measures.