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Administrative Board adopts Multiannual work programme 2017-2021 and Annual work programme for 2017

The Administrative Board of the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) held its 26th meeting and adopted its Multiannual work programme 2017-2021 and annual work programme 2017 that provides a comprehensive overview of the allocation of resources granted by the European Union Budget to the agency in accordance with its objectives and indicators.

The Administrative Board approved the inflexion in the work programme relating to the cooperation of EFCA with Frontex, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and the relevant national authorities in the framework of the European Coast Guard function to face the complex current situation in European waters requiring a strengthened and coordinated cooperation of national actors and the relevant European Union Agencies. An amendment to EFCA founding legislation provides a significant increase of its resources covering all the aspects of this new challenge.

Nevertheless this enhanced cooperation will also increase the capacities of the agency in its contribution to the control regime of the Common Fisheries Policy according to its mission’s statement, dedicated to the coordination of fisheries control activities.

 “The long-time cooperation between FRONTEX, EMSA and EFCA is reinforced through additional resources and enhanced coordination and synergy with the Member States authorities in charge of Coast Guard missions. Better cooperation, exchange of information, common procedures and multipurpose operations which indeed encompass fisheries control, will grant the European Union a stronger capacity to enforce its legislations. EFCA without prejudice of its core mission dedicated to the coordination of fisheries control activities will contribute to this new operational environment but will also significantly benefit from this enhanced cooperation”, said Pascal Savouret, EFCA Executive Director.