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New Real Time Closure (RTC) established by Denmark

Denmark has established a Real Time Closure in their waters of the Skagerrak from the 26 of May 2021 to the 15 of June 2021 at midnight.

The Danish Fisheries Agency by inspection of a fishing vessel in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) no 724/2010 of 12 August 2010, have revealed that the amount of juvenile fish in the catches is found to be too high.

Due to this information, it has been decided to close an area for the period from 28 of April 2021 to the 18 of May 2021 at midnight.

All the information can be found on the Danish website.


Screenshot_2021-05-26 SEG - SafeSeaNet Ecosystem GUI.png

See also: EFCA's video on RTCs on the North Sea and Skagerrak.